Art provided by Cindy Cooley, Robert Keim, Bob Webb


Ours religious community welcomes everyone who is searching for a spiritual home that is guided by respect, love, reason and conscience. We are a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The opening words of our Affirmation (covenant) summarize the role of UU Church in the Pines in our lives:  “Love is the spirit of this church and Service is it’s law.”  Unitarian Universalist congregations covenant to gather together around shared values, expectations, and commitments. We make promises to each other about how we will be in relationship together. We do this recognizing that as human beings we make, keep, break, and must renew covenants.


UU Church in the Pines was incorporated in 1989 and began official affiliation with the national Unitarian Universalist Association in 1990.

Chaplain, Ministers, Pastoral Care

Ours is a shared ministry with an ordained Lay Chaplain, visiting Ministers, and talented lay leaders.  Our chaplain position is empowered to preside at rites of passage like weddings and memorial services.  Visiting ministers may provide pastoral care, but most importantly, our congregation covenants (promises) to support one another through all manner of life events.


The Board of Directors includes officers and trustees.  The Board serves both policy and program functions, and all of the functions of the church are done by lay volunteers serving on standing and temporary circles and ministries. As a small congregation, almost everyone contributes in some way, and the talents of all are utilized to their fullest.

2023-20243 Board members

Robert Keim – President
Ellen Paul – Vice-President
Janet Neff – Secretary
Irene Keim – Treasurer
Marilyn Barber – Trustee
Cindy Cooley – Trustee
Rosemarie Grubba – Trustee
Joe Rosa – Trustee

Lay Chaplain
Robert Keim

John St. John
Bob Webb
Eric Williams
Patria Dye